What Makes a Good Dog Hair Broom?

What Makes a Good Dog Hair Broom

Let’s term it the most straightforward way. A good dog hair broom is known to attract and trap your pup’s hair then clumps it together so that it is easier to remove. Also, good brooms tend to leave no scratches on floors, neither will dull the floor surface.

Nowadays, many homes have many different flooring surfaces, so you have to find brooms according to your needs. Let us get to know more. There are different types of bristles brooms available in the market, such as:

Rubber Bristles

This is one of the most recommended types of bristle brooms. There are so many advantages of rubber bristle brooms. Firstly, rubber brooms are known to be sturdy and long-lasting compared to other materials. These brooms are very easy to clean, and they do not make dust float upwards.

Instead, they pack the dirt and collect them into neat piles, and later can be dumped off easily. The interlacing bristles in the broom form a strong wall that prevents anything such as small hair or dust particles from passing through the bristles. They tend to clean surfaces in one sweep leaving no nasty scratches.

Plastic Bristles

These brooms are similar to the old classic brooms that you have in your home. The only difference they made for dog hair broom is that the bristles are made a bit thicker, keeping them stiff enough to hold on to the hair.

Nowadays, some models come with an easy clean dustpan. These dustpans come along with a comb that removes all the dirt and hair clumps in one sweep.

Microfiber Cleaning Bristles

If your house is built with smooth hardwood floors, then microfiber brooms are the best option for you. These brooms come with a large head that is covered in a microfiber cloth. This tiny fiber tends to collect even the finest hair. And the best part is the soft finishing from the cleaning cloth that leaves your floor unscratched and new just the way it was.

Carpet Rake Bristles

If you love having carpet on your floors and your dog sheds like it’s the only job he has, then it is wise to go for carpet rake brooms. These brooms bring out the dog’s hair from the edge to light. These carpet rake brooms are known as heavy cleaning tools.

Generally, when your dog’s hair falls onto the carpet, it certainly gets pushed down into the piles. Any time someone steps on the dog hair, they eventually get more deeply stuck into the carpet fiber, which then gets impossible to remove with typical ordinary brooms.

And so carpet rake brooms come to the rescue, these are made of metal, and the comb-like structure reaches down and plucks out all the dog hair clumps from the carpet.

Lastly, a dog hair broom ensures that your floors stay safe without getting scratched and retains the shiny, smooth finish for as long as possible. They also tend to clean your floor without any hassle and prevent any unhygienic conditions. For more details check out our Sweep or Vacuum on Hardwood Floors article.


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