Why Do Cats Love Backpacks?

Why Do Cats Love Backpacks

Do you often see your cat laying on your backpack whenever you leave it lying on the ground and wonder about their obsessions with backpacks? Well, a cat is known as an attention seeker animal. It always loves to be the centre of attention.

And so when it comes to backpacks, cats often love it because it has a familiar scent of his or her owner. And thus, you often see your cats sitting, laying, or getting inside your backpacks. They also love to be in confined spaces, so they usually choose to stay in boxes, drawers, or your usual bags.

Cats are known to be very scent-oriented animals. Cats have more than 200 million odour senses in their nose, and meanwhile, we humans only have 5 million odour senses. And so, cats can smell 14 times better than humans, isn’t that interesting?

odour senses

When your cats smell your backpack, they eventually get a whiff of the outside world, other animals, or anything that is new on your bag, this intrigues them, and they lie on it, or rub against it or try to get into it so that they can smell those unique scents.

Cats love to be in the backpacks because they are filled with their owner’s wonderful scent and the amazing outside world. Although it may seem cruel when you see someone carrying their cats onto their backpacks, let me tell you, they are entirely safe, and most cats love them.

However, nowadays, they are backpacks that come with clear windows or glass-like build-up that allows your cats to see the world while being in a safe, confined space.


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