How Do You Give a Cat a Tapeworm Dewormer?

How do you give a cat a tapeworm dewormer

Are you looking for any easy guidelines that you could look up to, to know how to give your cat a dewormer?  Whether your cat has roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, or something else, the best cat dewormer kills your cat’s infestation and eliminates it. Dewormers are safe, reliable, affordable, and also useful. This dewormer usually comes in tablet form.

The tablets tend to contain pre-measured doses, so it is less hassle when you need to figure out how much to give your cats. However, suppose you are already a cat parent. In that case, you indeed have excellent success in administering tablets, but if you are new to cat parenting, you have to ace different levels in it.

Generally, some cats will take medications easily in their foods or tasty treats, whereas some cats would make you put triple efforts into administering the tablets.

Nowadays, medicine companies are getting innovative with their products. Some cats dewormers medicine now come in liquid forms along with a dripper, which makes it easier to administer.

liquid tapeworms medicine

Well, I am here to guide you with some basics that would lessen your hassle in administering your cats with dewormers. Below I have listed down some tips and tricks that will help you achieve this successfully and effortlessly.

  • In the first step, you need to ask your vet or check the instructions that are printed on dewormer packaging to know how the tablet should be administered, or you need to divide it or crush it with food or not.
  • Then you have to be gentle with your cat. It is wise to have a second person ready around incase you need to handle your cat.
  • If you are giving the tablet with food :

Although most dewormer tablets can be given with food, some have instructions written to be given with food. Again, some dewormer tablets must not be given with food – so always check for that. And if it is safe to give with food, then make sure your cat is hungry.

The best way is to take all the food away for 12 hours to ensure your cat eats all the food when you give him. The place the tablet in the food. If the tablet size is bigger enough to be seen,

try crushing it on your cat’s food, and if the tablet is smaller in size, you can easily feed your cat by hiding in a small number of his favorite food treats.

Make sure your cat has eaten the tablet along with its food, as some cats are quite clever at finding the tablet that you buried in food.

This way would work best if you try administering the tablet with a strong flavored tasty treat that your cat is fond of (such as some tinned fish in oil).


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