How To Give a Bath To The Dog Without a Showerhead?

How to give a bath to the dog without a showerhead

We all know how much dogs love to get messy, but our duty as a dog parent is to make them stay clean and tidy. Bathing your dog in a tub sounds relatively easy, but it might become a messy task for you if you do not know the correct procedure.

Before you start bathing your dog, you need to have all the right tools around you. Such as, perfect shower heads, an extra towel that would hold up when your dog shakes off the excess water or a stool so that you can comfortably sit while bathing your dog.

If you decide to soak him in the bathtub, you need to use a non-skid mat or rubber mat or a thick towel in the bottom of the tub to prevent your dog from slipping and sliding while in the tub.

Some dogs are quite fond of bathing, but some dogs hate it. But still, you have to manage them to take a bath, so let’s get to know how easily you can bathe your dog without a showerhead or tools that you don’t have.

First of all, before you take your dog for a bath, arrange all the necessary things you would need to bathe such as, slicker, brush, shampoo, towel, cotton balls.

Also, fill a bucket full of water as most of the dogs don’t enjoy the sound of running water.


Now, add your dog to the tub half-filled with warm water. Put cotton balls in your dog’s ear; this would prevent water from entering your dog’s ear.

Then use a jug to wet your dog. Apply a small amount of shampoo to your dog’s body starting from head to tail, and gently scrub them.


While you are scrubbing, try to be gentle, and it would work best if you talk to your dog while massaging and praising him; this would help them stay calm.

Make sure you wash his tummy and legs. You can also lift each paw slightly while washing. Then comes the face part. You have to be very careful while washing your dog’s face.


Avoid using shampoo around his eyes, nose, and mouth. Instead, use a cotton cloth and wet it, then use it to wash around your dog’s face and eyes, removing any dirt particles present. Now it’s time to rinse the shampoo off your dog.

Let the dirty soap water drain out of the tub, and rinse your dog thoroughly with clean water. Massage with clean water into your dog’s coat so that your dog has no more soap residue left on its body. Because soap can lead to itchiness and would discourage your dog from bathing next time.

Once you are done with rinsing, nowadays dog conditioners are available in markets. You could get one for your dog, giving your dog a more fresh look and softening his fur, giving it a shinier and smooth look.

brush out your dog

Apply the conditioner just like shampoo and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Use a towel to dry your dog. When your dog shakes off excessive water, hold a towel over your dog, helping the towel soak the water.

When you are soaking excess water, brush out your dog’s fur as now they are wet and easy to detangle. You can also use a hairdryer on a warm or cool mode to dry your dog.


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