6 Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth Reviews

Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth

Do you own a cat that has been living with you for many years now? That emotional connection is great, but are you concerned about the deteriorating health of your cat? Growing age brings many health difficulties, one of which is the oral problem. If your cat is getting aged in the tooth, they need grate care from you.

For your pet’s dental care, only Feeding milk is not a solution. Cats with bad teeth need a proper diet. Many manufacturers are showing their products as the best cat food for older cats with bad teeth.

It is tough to choose the best one for an amateur. You must understand the product’s value so inquire about the price with quality, nutrition, digressiveness, and constituents. That’s why I have gathered some reviews to help you to find them easily. Choose one which is the best match with your demand.

Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food

This 24 cans Purina fancy delicious food is for all those cats that love seafood. It is gravy, wet, and soft. The moisture level of this food is approximately 80%. Besides, it has a variety of packages with a grilled seafood collection.

The tender cuts of fish make it tasty for the fish lover cat. It offers you a hundred percent balanced nutrition guaranty with completion. Essential vitamins and minerals are added for the development of the cat.

Blue Buffalo Healthy Dry Cat Food

The Blue Buffalo is an exceptional cat food for older cats with teeth problems. It is a dry cat food that offers real meat as the main constituents. To maintain perfect muscles and teeth, your cat may need protein, and this food is full of chicken that contain high protein.

This food also contains Vegetables, fruit, whole grains and taurine, which helps to repair the hearts and eyes of aged cats. So it is a complete package of nutrition.

The most important fact is that its formula contains the life source’s bits- a perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. And it is certified by veterans and animal specialists that it will support your cat health’s immune system.

Blue Buffalo Adult Pate Wet Cat Food

Blue buffalo Turkey & Chicken Pate Entrée is outstanding for its ingredients. This adult wet cat food is made from Turkey and chicken. Its soft, smooth, and palatable gravy texture enhance its taste more. As a Blue Buffalo product, it maintains its natural way.

The ingredients are fresh and natural and only with wholesome constituents. The Blue Buffalo brand doesn’t use any artificial flavor or preservatives in this product. Each of the products contains twenty-four 5.5oz cans of BLUE Healthy Gourmet Natural Wet Cat Food.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

Your old furry friend will regain its energy levels through Hill’s Science Dry Cat Food as it is full of energy nutrients. It is made of natural fibers that promote healthy digestion among older cats.

This Food also supports your senior cat’s hunger between the meals because of the use of quality protein. Hill’s Science is flavored in chicken and is in dry form.

You won’t have much to clean up after your pet is done eating. It is specifically made for senior cats to support easy food intake and not harm their teeth anymore.

Purina Fancy Wet Cat Food

This soft cat food is ideal for the needs of your pet with bad dental health. It is the seafood grilled and packed in a wet gravy-like texture.

The tender cuts of seafood are what cats crave, and this pack of 4.5 pounds does justice to their needs. It contains balanced nutrition and an added flavor of soft gravies as well. Vitamins and minerals support your feline’s overall health.

Blue Buffalo Mature Dry Cat Food

You get 5lb of high protein cat food for your senior feline at a very reasonable price in the Bleu Buffalo cat food brand. It is full of real chicken and gives your kitty the wild taste of chicken mass.

This food will build their muscles and be more robust. It doesn’t have grain material, and it’s uniquely built to target senior cats’ diet.

It is the best senior food as it gives them a healthy weight and top energy levels. This food is loaded with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that support the coat and skin health.

How Would You Know if Your Cat Has Dental Problems?

As cats can’t talk like humans or cry, it is quite unusual to sense what they are going through. But how would one know that a cat is suffering from dental health problems? The first and foremost symptom of a cat’s dental health problem is bad breath.

Bad breath is one of the prominent early signs of teeth or gum disease. This symptom usually remains unnoticed and untreated. Hence, severe damages often occur like a sore mouth, difficulty eating, loose teeth, or loss of teeth, rubbing the mouth or pawing, bleeding gums, dribbing, and yellow or brown tartar on the teeth. If you notice these symptoms, it is high time you take your cat to a Veterinarian.

Most Common Teeth Diseases For Cats?

Dental diseases are common in cats. Studies have revealed that almost 50 to 90% of cats age four or more suffer from some form of dental diseases. Although fortunately, the most common conditions of these problems are highly preventable or treatable. And with appropriate dental care and constant monitoring, you can prevent it before it even starts to occur.

Moreover, the dental disease tends to begin to get more severe as cats get older. It is commonly related to the piling up of dental plaque and tartar formation, resulting in “periodontal disease.” This disease affects teeth and the structure around the teeth that supports them and keeps them healthy. But you must be wondering what the common dental diseases in cats are.

The three most common dental diseases in cats are Gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth resorption. Before we get to know more about these severe diseases, let us know about their formation. It all starts with plaque. A plaque is a complex film of bacteria and food particles that get collected daily on teeth’ surfaces. The plaque layer is not visible initially, but the plaque layer grows and becomes thicker over time.

As this is the first step to any dental disease, taking specific measures such as brushing teeth reduces plaque development. Otherwise, it would result in the formation of tartar. When the plaque remains stuck on the teeth’ surface, it becomes harden and forms a dental calculus known as tartar.


When tartar starts to dig into the gum tissue, the gums become irritated, red, and inflamed, which results in a condition called Gingivitis. This keeps on digging into the gum line, causing severe gum infection.


Plaque bacteria discharge toxic substances below the gum, causing tissue damages. These bacteria, which cause inflammation and tissue damage, often revive a cat’s immune system. The immune system signals producing white blood cells and other inflammatory chemicals to prevent and destroy these bacterias. Unfortunately, in this process, many soft tissues of the teeth get damaged, called periodontitis.

Tooth Resorpiion

Tooth resorption is caused by the slow destruction of a tooth or teeth. It starts from the outside of the tooth at the gum line and gradually goes to the center of the tooth, exposing nerve-endings which results in severe pain. And the only treatment of this condition is the removal of affected teeth. However, the cause of tooth resorption is still not known.

What to Look for When Buying Cat Food for Older Cats With Teeth Problems

To buy the Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth will require you to know specific facts and factors about your furry friend’s body. Certain things decide on what kind of food your old feline needs to maintain his or her health. The following guide will help you choose the best one.

Wet Food

An old feline with dental health issues will better be good at wet feeding food. This food has water that keeps the feline hydrated. This way, your cat won’t be having urinary tract illnesses.

Cat With Bad Teeth

While choosing the best senior cat food, you should consider the hardness of the food pieces. If it is hard, then chewing it will be an issue for your poor senior cat. Hence softer alternatives or wet ones are a better choice. Older cats do not drink much water. In that sense, this food will keep them hydrated.

Life Stages

If you are going to pick a cat food, make sure you specifically look for the one made for older cats. Kittens and mature cats have different nutritional needs, and nutrition comes in this regard as well. The best food is the one that has labeled for adult maintenance and health on its package.

Cat Food Ingredients

You need to go through the list of ingredients that a cat food offer. For example, search for chicken, turkey, or tuna. You should look for the right flavor as well. It would help if you kept in mind that high carbs cat food such as grains are not suitable for your old cat.

Your feline will mostly be lying around and not have that much physical activity at such an age. So you should need to find food that will increase their muscle mass and not their fat.


If you are concerned about the dental health of your cat, it is great. But this does not imply that your cat will not enjoy the flavors and taste it is fond of eating. Dental care cat food comes in many flavors, such as tuna, salmons, and chicken; hence picks the one your cat loves.

Additional Nutrition

Cat food needs to be full of nutrition and healthy food ingredients. Some of them have many vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to give complete nutrition to senior cats. This added nutritional value will boost the cat’s energy and improve its coat and skin. Also, it will improve the nervous system of your cat.


All of these foods are full of nutritional value and are specifically designed for older cats. The given features will help you to choose the best cat food for older cats with bad teeth. These Foods are easy to grind, and the wet one provides the hydration a cat needs.

In the beginning, it will get hard to feed as your cat won’t like it and may refuse to eat, But you need to mix it with the regular food and slowly shift to the new food. So tell me in the comment section, what you are feeding to your senior cat to hold their shape?


  1. Great post on cat food for older cats, i completely agree with your recommendation. Personally, i feed my cat with blue buffalo healthy gourmet and she loved it.

  2. i don’t know about you guys but my cat loves blueberries. i don’t know why?

    • sometimes they do eat blueberries, on top of that blueberries contain a large amount of water so that is a great sign. cat’s usually don’t drink water.


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