What Can I Feed My Cat With Teeth Problems?

What can I feed my cat with teeth problems

Cats are known to start with 30 adult teeth. Usually, those 30 teeth are known to be with them throughout their lives, but they face many dental problems and need tooth extractions due to a lack of willingness and genetics.

However, it is quite challenging to keep your cat’s teeth clean, so dental health problems are prevalent in cats. Standard research shows that 70% of cats show signs of dental disease at the age of 2. And usually, problems start with the buildup of a sticky plaque that forms in the cat’s teeth and hardens to form tartar.

If these are not removed on time, then these would lead to gingivitis. This oral condition of inflamed gums eventually develops into periodontal diseases that can destroy the gums and tissue that supports the cat’s teeth. Therefore, cats lose their teeth and slowly get prone to infections that affect their other organs in the body.

Food and its nutrition play a significant role in the human body and the cat’s overall health and well-being. Experts say regular dry cat food provides a dental benefit for your cat as when she chews the food, this scraping action helps clean his teeth.

And suppose your cat is already suffering from severe symptoms of gingivitis. In that case, some specially formulated cat foods are available in markets that tend to do a much better job at cleaning your cat’s teeth.


Overall, try making good oral hygiene and dental care as much as possible of your cat’s routine and ensure to get fast treatment if any problem occurs. Always consult your veteran and ask them to suggest the best foods for your cat’s dental health.


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